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2007 UNITE Conference

Presentation materials from the September 2007 UNITE Conference in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Using the Redirector and StreamIOH (MCP-4026)


In little more than ten years, MCP systems have gone from having almost no way to access files on other systems over a network to having almost too many. One of the most useful of these methods is the Redirector, which allows MCP applications to read and write data directly in the shared directories of other systems. The Redirector uses the SMB protocol, and operates with most other SMB-enabled servers, such as Microsoft Windows and Unix/Linux systems supporting Samba.

The speaker will present an overview of the features and capabilities of the Redirector and the interface that MCP applications use with the Redirector to access remote files. The speaker will also discuss security, the use of credentials files, directory operations, and MCP support for the byte-stream files used on most other types of systems. The session will conclude with a presentation on the StreamIOH, which translates between byte-stream file formats and the traditional record-oriented formats used by MCP applications. The speaker will also discuss how the StreamIOH can be integrated with the Redirector.

Presenter Paul Kimpel
Slides & Notes Presentation slides and notes as Adobe Acrobat .PDF (153KB)
Samples and Demos A series of source and data files demonstrating the use of the Redirector and StreamIOH facilities. All contained in a single ZIP archive file. (62KB)
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